Turn your Hobby Into A Profitable Career

Meta Washington
4 min readFeb 4, 2021

What Are You Passionate About?

What is the thing you do with well with no real effort? What do you do as a hobby that fills you with joy every time without fail? Do family and friends tell you how much they enjoy your cooking? Maybe you love baking in your spare time or you a flair for fashion and can sew. Perhaps you are a natural organizer and are able to coordinate details or events and can put things in order fairly easily. Or maybe you have a special bond with children or elders, that allows you to connect with them as a caregiver. These are just a few examples of passions many people turn into businesses. The possibilities are endless

Minding Your Own Business

The thought of becoming an entrepreneur isn’t something that everyone aspires to be. But don’t let the challenges of managing yourself as your own employee become an obstacle to your success. There will always be excuses available to justify not following your dreams and the reality is that none of those reasons are ever bigger than the God we serve. (Philippians 4:13)

Time Waits for No Man or Woman

When it comes to time, for some people there will never be enough of it. Day-to-day responsibilities can feel overwhelming. The thought of being able to do something on the side may feel nearly impossible. Most people find that between working a full-time job or attending school or parenting there’s usually little time for much else. The truth is, everyone has the same amount of hours available to them each day.

Still, many people manage to achieve far more than others. Who are these overachievers? Are they smarter? More organized or dedicated than you? Or, have they just figured out how to use time to their advantage and work smarter.

The latter is probably true. Also, nearly everyone can find a way to gain additional time to jumpstart a dream project. Even you!

Reclaim Your Time

Here are a few tips to help you regain more time:

  • Limit the time you spend on social media, watching television and checking and responding to emails.
  • Manage your social life. If you are serious about investing in your dream, you’ll have to consider skipping a few outings once in a while. It won’t hurt you. In fact, it can save you both time and maybe money too.
  • Use your commute as to get work done. Depending on your routine, you may be able to use your travel time to research and write out your ideas.
  • Wake up a little earlier or retire a little later. Making the effort to get an extra hour or more in to get things done can make the difference in you achieving your goals.

Working 9-to-5

What is that you like or dislike about your current job? Do you have a level of independence or maybe this is something you are lacking. Are your earnings already at its peak or is there room for growth and opportunity? Now is the time to figure out what really makes you happy.

If you have a job already, you are in the is the best position to try out something new on the side. Many people have turned their hobbies into successful full-time careers.

Common reasons for starting a “side hustle”

  • Additional income opportunity
  • Independence. Doing it for yourself
  • Doing something you actually enjoy vs. doing what pays the bills

What’s Your Passion?

How do you determine your passion? Consider it the thing you would do and enjoy even if you did it for free. If God has placed a dream within you that continually tugs at your heart and mind, then chances are you have found your passion.

Say “NAY” to the Naysayers

There will always be detractors. Your vision may not be as clear to others as it is in your own mind. Do not fall into the trap of needing to run everything by everybody all the time. Seek out wise counsel and research the works of those who may have already done what you are striving to do. The internet is a rich source of information. Use it to your advantage.

Also, learn to say nay to your own naysaying as well. Perhaps you may feel you do not have all of the qualifications needed to handle the task or you don’t have the money to fund what’s needed or maybe you have decided to purse your dream later in life.

Each of these circumstance have at some point been faced by someone else who is successful today. If you have faith the size of a mustard seed then you already have all you need to get started on your pursuit. (Matthew 17:20).

Need ideas? Here’s is a list of “100+ Side Hustle Ideas to Make $500 in Your Spare Time” from SideHustleNation.com.